Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts - 5mm weapons that become robot creatures! Pictures, news and design updates.
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Stalwart Styracosaurus

Another second-wave Dinosaur in Power Armor printable figure. As with Atomic Allosaurus, I’m not 100% sure on the colors and the final spit-and-polish will have to wait until Muppet Wish Day 2014 is done.

I sculpted him at the same time I was working up Titanic Triceratops. He is smaller than TT, (by about 5%), so he doesn’t threaten Titanic Triceratops’s… titanicness?

Update: Based on feedback, I’ve made some modifications to the face, which are only visible in the last two images.

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Atomic Allosaurus 

To answer your questions, yes, he’s based on Rampager Rex. But 3d printing gives us flexibility that a steel-mold remold couldn’t. Differences:

  • Reshaped head. Added the bone crests, reshaped the head to be more Allosaurus-like, smaller but more numerous fangs, two eyes (no cyborg eyepiece.
  • Shorter, slighter build, more erect posture.
  • Modified upper body armor 
  • Tail swoops the other way. 
  • New Arms.

AA won’t be going to print immediately, since I want to nail down a good colorscheme (unsure on this one). Also these guys are my insomnia-project and that’s going to be taken up in the short term by Muppet Wish Day 2014. 

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The second dinosaur in power armor design (click here to check out Rampager Rex). He continues the theme of being a Battle Beast homage. 

Titanic Triceratops is mostly finished. I’m open for suggestions based on these renders. Once he’s done and tested, I’ve got three other ceratopsians to join him.

Once completed, TT will be available through my shapeways store. First with zero markup as a beta, then at normal cost once tested.

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Dinosaurs in Power Armor. Yep, You heard me, I’m taking the nuclear option when it comes to action figures, and I’m starting with this Shapeways printable beauty, Rampager Rex.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • He’s the size of a Battle Beast and you could put a rub symbol on his chest armor if you were so inclined.
  • His arms lock on with 5mm pegs (BMOG Compatible!), his hand grip is 3mm.
  • The blue armor is the current revision. The yellow armor renders are to show the sculpt more and show the arms locked into place.
  • I’m not taking any kind of markup on him until he’s tested in full-color sandstone.  

What’s that last one mean to you? Well, if you want to grab one early, you can get it cheaper than anyone else. Click here to pull up the Shapeways page.

Basically, the system is saying it can print in the full-color sandstone material, but it needs testing due to a few thin areas (tip of tail, tops of claws, etc.) found by the auto-check. I’ve never tested this style of shoulder joint in Sandstone either. Everything should be fine in the other materials offered, but I’m still holding off on markup until it can be tested. 

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Made a pair of weaponized backpack sets for legends Optimus. The first three pictures hopefully show how to build and attach them. They both have over the shoulder rockets and the black one has a similarly mounted machine gun. The toxic one instead adds a jetpack. Also, lego plugs make a good cygar for the bear heads

Hi! I have three questions: For the retail BMOG Toys, will they be sold on the sprue or will the parts be separated for the buyer? For their size, the $25 BBTS has them listed for seems a little expensive. Why are they so much? Final question, Any chance ya'll might sell exclusive BMOG design files for those who have a 3D Printer / access to a 3D printer, in the future? Thanks!

1. They will be sold on sprue, kit style. 

2. We’re still working with very small runs, so the economy of scale plays into it. We’re looking into options for offering future products of varying costs and complexities.

3. We are considering a shapeways store for add-on parts. We’ll look into the viability of a direct-file-offering and see what is viable.

I'm really excited for this project because 5mm peg/hole accessories are one of my biggest reasons for buying a new toy, so that I can turn it into a weapon. My question is, are there any plans in the works for a purple coloured figure set? My Transformers Shockwave needs more ordnance! >:)

Apparently tumblr hasn’t been marking when new asks come in! Sorry guys!

We have a purple set right now, which we’ve made available at convention appearances. Once all the backer kits for the Kickstarter are out we will be launching our store on and it will be for sale there.