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Muty McFly Parody Figure (Beta)

The 80s are back in all their technicolor horror with Muty McFly, a horrifying time-displaced combination of man and insect. Who could have predicted that plutonium, time travel and an untrained teenage test subject could go horribly wrong?

Muty comes with two points of articulation and is in full color for Full Color Sandstone and (eventually) Full color plastic. He is roughly the size and style of a 1980s Battle Beast figurine. 

Muty is the latest Combat Creature pending testing in full color sandstone before cost markup is applied to his model. He is the same size as a Battle Beast, with a 3mm grip and two points of articulation at the shoulders, which are 5mm pegs.

Click here to see Muty on Shapeways.

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And we are live! Let’s play!



Former Hasbro employees launch new toy design and manufacturing company Play With This Too!

September 24, 2014

“You can play with their stuff, but you can PLAY WITH THIS TOO.”

Manchester, CT – Several former Hasbro employees and toy industry experts have pulled together to form a new design and manufacturing company named Play With This Too (PWTToo). 

Play With This Too’s goals include being a top brand developer, designer, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high-end collectible action figures and toys. Their aim is to target the rapidly growing collector oriented toy market and produce products for both wholesale distribution and exclusives for conventions, retailers and websites.

In February of 2015, Play With This Too will launch a crowd funding campaign to produce their first line of original figures.  This debut line will consist of 6” highly articulated action figures with interchangeable parts and weapons.  These figures will include intergalactic heroes versus ferocious monsters.

In 2015, Play With This Too will continue to engage with potential licensors to bring official products based on existing brands to market.  Later that same year, Play With This Too will begin to offer full service design and manufacturing, as well as intellectual property development for delivery over Transmedia networks. 

More information regarding both staff and products will be released at RETROCON ( September 27th and 28th, 2014 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

About Play With This Too

Former Hasbro Transformers Creative Manager Rik Alvarez founded Play With This Too in August of 2014 after a year of preliminary development.

Their mission is to deliver high-quality products while keeping costs to both retailers and consumers as low as possible.

For a digital asset please follow this link:


To learn more about this company, please email

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Interacting through various fandoms leads you to some pretty awesome discoveries. This year I supported a kickstarter for a toyline called BMOG ( which are a bunch of robotic creatures who can be dissembled into weapons themselves and other action figures can hold. One of the men behind that project has several of his other concepts up at www, for on demand 3d printing. One of these projects are dinosaur battle beasts. I was more than happy to test print Rampager Rex in this colored sandstone material. He’s great, as these pictures can attest to. The material is very solid, but the middle of the arms can be fragile, but this being a test run I’m not too worried about it. More please.

Rampager Rex, Tested in Colored Sandstone! 

I’ve reinforced the upper arm connection to correct for the fragility based on Nick Tyranno’s feedback. This, combined with reports from Shapeways that Strong-and-Flexible polished has successfully printed has gotten Rampager out of beta. The final release is available by clicking here.

Also, in addition to the heavy “remold” characters that are upcoming, each release will have an alternate color scheme that (where possible) his flipped horizontally so asymmetrical details are on the opposite sides. Meet Terrifying Tyrannosaurus by clicking here!

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The tyrannosaurus rex is the first complete Combat Creature design, Nick Tyranno tested the design in Shapeways’ Full Color Sandstone material (click here for pictures) and Strong & Flexible plastic versions are successfully out of the printer. The upper arms have been reinforced based on Nick’s feedback and the figures are ready for general purchase.

I have applied a markup, I only make about $5 per figure once they are tested.

All my 3d Prints can be purchased here

Rampager Rex is here.

Terrifying Tyrannosaurus is here.

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Made a pair of weaponized backpack sets for legends Optimus. The first three pictures hopefully show how to build and attach them. They both have over the shoulder rockets and the black one has a similarly mounted machine gun. The toxic one instead adds a jetpack. Also, lego plugs make a good cygar for the bear heads

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Stalwart Styracosaurus

Another second-wave Dinosaur in Power Armor printable figure. As with Atomic Allosaurus, I’m not 100% sure on the colors and the final spit-and-polish will have to wait until Muppet Wish Day 2014 is done.

I sculpted him at the same time I was working up Titanic Triceratops. He is smaller than TT, (by about 5%), so he doesn’t threaten Titanic Triceratops’s… titanicness?

Update: Based on feedback, I’ve made some modifications to the face, which are only visible in the last two images.

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Atomic Allosaurus 

To answer your questions, yes, he’s based on Rampager Rex. But 3d printing gives us flexibility that a steel-mold remold couldn’t. Differences:

  • Reshaped head. Added the bone crests, reshaped the head to be more Allosaurus-like, smaller but more numerous fangs, two eyes (no cyborg eyepiece.
  • Shorter, slighter build, more erect posture.
  • Modified upper body armor 
  • Tail swoops the other way. 
  • New Arms.

AA won’t be going to print immediately, since I want to nail down a good colorscheme (unsure on this one). Also these guys are my insomnia-project and that’s going to be taken up in the short term by Muppet Wish Day 2014.