Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts - 5mm weapons that become robot creatures! Pictures, news and design updates.
Hi! I have three questions: For the retail BMOG Toys, will they be sold on the sprue or will the parts be separated for the buyer? For their size, the $25 BBTS has them listed for seems a little expensive. Why are they so much? Final question, Any chance ya'll might sell exclusive BMOG design files for those who have a 3D Printer / access to a 3D printer, in the future? Thanks!

1. They will be sold on sprue, kit style. 

2. We’re still working with very small runs, so the economy of scale plays into it. We’re looking into options for offering future products of varying costs and complexities.

3. We are considering a shapeways store for add-on parts. We’ll look into the viability of a direct-file-offering and see what is viable.

I'm really excited for this project because 5mm peg/hole accessories are one of my biggest reasons for buying a new toy, so that I can turn it into a weapon. My question is, are there any plans in the works for a purple coloured figure set? My Transformers Shockwave needs more ordnance! >:)

Apparently tumblr hasn’t been marking when new asks come in! Sorry guys!

We have a purple set right now, which we’ve made available at convention appearances. Once all the backer kits for the Kickstarter are out we will be launching our store on and it will be for sale there.

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Got my BMOGs in the mail the other day and already messed around and made some customs. First up are the Augmentoids SLAMCRACKER and TALLTAIL and the strange Paraxxoid PANTHRAX. Also, Astrotrain gets acquainted with the new arrivals.

Here’s hoping I won’t be waiting long for the Non-Dino Squad, especially that dimetrodon.